International consulting company

Our company provides assistance for its clients with their international activities. Combining best administrative practices with innovative solutions allows us to ensure high quality of our services.

9 years
Of successfully backing our clients and their projects
10 countries
Our knowledge of different jurisdictions allows us to assist our clients with their international activities
over 250 projects
Large number of successful projects allows us to determine and apply the most efficient practices

We adapt services to specific segments and needs of our customers


Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop service.

We have  developed a unique set of services to offer you solutions for all your administrative objectives

Tax consulting
Comprehensive advise on tax compliance
Legal structuring
Setting a legal structure which best suits the way that you intend to do business
Financial support
A full range of business and administrative support measures
Investment structuring
Our team will work together to navigate any cross-border issues, improve your tax efficiency and ensure the investment meets regulatory requirements wherever you or the investment assets are located
Corporate management
Leading our clients company to executive-level goals
Individual management
Meeting diverse needs of individuals

We adapt to modern realities

Even in most conservative segments, we try to implement modern solutions, minimize human factor, achieve maximum safety and use target approach to our clients.

“Long-term practice allowed us to build a structured approach to customer experience.”
Daniil Kirikov, CEO
BP Optimisation

of our processes are systematized and digitized.

About us
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